Monday, October 25, 2010

Absence makes my heart grow fonder

The Attachment Parenting Talk last Friday went pretty well. There were some technical difficulties setting up, aren't there always? Sheesh. I didn't have a long enough cord and there was nowhere to project the images, but thankfully my colleague's hubby went home to get a sheet and an extension cord and it all worked out (see, I did not know we would be presenting in the store's main area, although my friend did warn me that might be the case!). It's always hard to gauge how things went after, but we had a wee discussion after, just commenting on some things, particularly on how we often hear the comment "Oh you are holding that baby way too much" but then in the same breath, "Oh what a good baby, look how happy he is." I wonder why? Another thing we discussed after was the importance of finding care providers who are supportive of your parenting beliefs. This one can be tricky, because we often feel that what the medical world tells us has to be right, after all they are doctors. But this isn't always the case. So if you are currently feeling uneasy when going to your doctor, or feel you have to explain yourself or if they make you feel bad about your decisions, then I say it's either time to find a new doctor or time to tell your current doctor to stop unsolicited advice.

A couple of my friends were there and I know they would be honest with me (right!?) and they seemed to get something out of it. So I feel good about it. We have another one scheduled in early November at our local library. I wonder what kind of crowd (if any!?) that will attract.

For now I am focusing on reasons for living one, two and three and the fact that I am now working {well, not that I wasn't before, but now I have a job that I have to leave the house, and my kiddos behind, for}. I started working {very} part-time at my favorite store. I am so lucky and I am so excited {and a tiny bit hesitant too. Because of the "leaving the kiddos behind" part}. Today was my first training shift and I did enjoy it. I just love chatting with parents, offering support, help, info, a shoulder to cry on {a mom today nearly did, but instead I sold her a Mei Tai and told her it would most likely save her life}. Despite me having a grand old time, I missed them so much. I knew they were perfectly fine, but still. I love them so stinkin' much I was so excited to come home. And that's why I think I need to work {and at a place I actually love, as in, not just any place}. To miss them, to cherish them even more and actually look forward to seeing them again.


  1. Aww so glad the attachment parenting talk went well! Sad I missed it, but definitely looking forward to the November one. I actually have a few questions coming to mind with some of the things I'm seeing while being here in the first few days for my nephew. :) Thank goodness I have you to talk to about this stuff!!

  2. It was great - I knew it would be! Got me thinking about some things again that have been bothering me, in a good way thinking about them - so I can make changes.


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