Wednesday, November 3, 2010


If you're here, you'll notice that things look different. I never really liked that other background. I dream of the day that I can afford to have my own template custom designed. But for now I will make do with what I can. And I am happy. I am happy because I have such beautiful miracles for inspiration. And in case you're wondering the picture is of my beautiful Maddie when she was just about to turn one year old {gosh, that seems like forever ago}.

Today also marked the day when I renewed my vow {to myself} to take better care of me. Even more than I already have been. Last night I went to a yoga class, which I hadn't been to in weeks. It felt amazing. Today I had an appointment with my Naturopath and she has a plan I am very happy with. It includes acupuncture, which I am over the moon to be starting again. The hope is to help my entire body, but mostly my darn stagnated reproductive system {not to reproduce per se, just to make it work normally}. Right now it is barely chugging along, deciding to work some months and not others, and frankly it's getting old and making me feel all out of sorts {it got to the point were I actually considered starting to take the BC pill...but quickly got over that. Why make something worse than it already is!?}. Darn hormones.

But I know I will be all re-balanced soon.

Change is good. Change is healthy. I like change.

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  1. First of all, I love the new layout!! I have to say the green lay out never really screamed "Kat" to me, but this one totally does! I love it! :) And I hear ya on the Change. This trip to Toronto and being flooded with all things birth and baby were the exact kick in the bum (even if overwhelming at times...) I've been needing to really get going and commit to the natural approach to kick my body into gear with Sherisse's help. I'm just so darn tired of waiting and waiting and still being left mistified. Time to committ! :)


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