Monday, December 13, 2010

Lost marbles...

Oh bother. I feel like such a dumb dumb. In the last couple of weeks I seem to have lost something. A marble or two perhaps?

I have worked the last few Fridays and every single shift, without fail, I make a mistake or many, on cash. Either ring in something as cash when it was debit or credit card...or can't remember the code for a product or a price or whatever. Foggy brain is the diagnosis.


I took the kiddos to have their holiday picture taken. It all went well, as well as could be expected with little Isaac. We got 3 decent pictures out of the whole shoot. 3. What do I go and do? Because I couldn't decide how many to get or what sizes I bought the copyright CD and paid $80 for THREE good pictures, that I then to pay extra to get developed.

OK well maybe the three pictures are worth it. I then check the pictures on my computer and send them off to get printed. It's not until I get them back that I realize one of them is blurry AND that I didn't get them in glossy print. They look OK, but I know they could look better. There goes another $10. I reordered them, in glossy this time, and hopefully they will look prettier. We shall see. In the meantime my holiday cards are delayed in getting mailed.

But the worst, must dumb dumb thing I have done so far is this.

On Saturday night I drove for half an hour to visit a good friend for her holiday party. I get there, park and then proceed to exit the car and shut the door. Leaving the keys safely on the passenger side seat where I left them while I grabbed my purse. What the hell!? Come on!

So I had to call our roadside assistance plan, but because I'm in the middle of nowhere {almost} they take a long time to get there and they charged me to break in to my car because it was outside the "service area". That pissed me off. The lovely visit with my friend was the only thing that helped me calm down. Sixty three dollars was worth it {that's what I keep telling myself!}.

Oh well.

The good things that are happening recently are many too...outweighing these blips.

We have our tree up. And it was magical to see the kiddos excited to decorate it and see it all finished.

I have officially decided that we are homeschooling and I am beyond excited for this. Maddie is responding so well and I am loving the approach we are taking {I will have more on this later, I promise}.

But just in case, I am going to look under the sofa to see if my lost marbles are there {it's the only place I haven't looked yet}.

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  1. I look forward to hearing more about your homeschooling decision


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