Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh molars, why do you torture my little boy so?

Isaac is teething, he's always teething.

But now, it's molars coming through and they are unkind things. They have bruised his little, tender gums, leaving them swollen and purple.

He is such a little trooper and for the most part is pretty content.

Except at night.

Thank God for Ibuprofen and Camilia.

P.S. I am focusing on thinking about teething and teeth in a positive way. This should help. They always puts a smile on my face. They are way too cute to be mean.

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  1. Our household has always been impacted by Bridget's teething episodes - when she was younger she would have a low grade fever, and she is still irritable and has a lot of trouble falling asleep and staying asleep - which in turns makes me irritable. I've found advil helps - amber necklace is pretty - and I'm thinking I should give Camilia another try.

    Sometimes I found offering her hard crunch food was appreciated - and likewise cold food (apples and carrots from the fridge, frozen peas or blueberries to snack on, popsicles)..

    oh and her teeth take forever to come in - she teeths for 3-4 week periods at a time.. 2 teeth coming in now and then the 2nd set of molars to wait for.. I'm thinking at least another 6 mths of this..

    uggh - I feel your pain - and isn't it true that it is so much worse at night - I guess all the activity during the day provides them with adequate distraction from the pain..


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