Monday, February 21, 2011

Is it Friday yet?

Weirdness is going on. I am feeling extremely emotional lately. And of course I'm taking it out on the one poor guy who has nowhere to run to. I did apologize to him today though...and I will again right now: Sorry sorry, it's totally not know, you so know.

It's just Monday and I already feel like it should be Friday and I should be gearing up for the weekend (although not any less busy, at least Ken is home during the day to help with the beautiful chaos children cause), plus weekends are the only days I get a good nap.

Alas, I will have to wait 4.5 more days.

Today, Isaac got into everything he has so far managed not to do (which is not a lot).

What am I supposed to do now that he's figured out how to open the childproofed cupboards? Those tiny little fingers...he's too smart for his own good!

He got a bag of salt out and ran away with it as I was in the middle of cooking and my hands were full of goop. Of course he made a split in the bag and the minuscule granules went everywhere. Needless to say, dinner was delayed, which made everyone even more cranky! Just can't win.

Oh also, he insists on asking for "canny", his word for candy, which he learned somehow (I'm sure from Maddie). I have managed so far to tell him their Vitamin C chewables are candy.

Maddie, the girl who usually naps forever and has to be woken up, had the crappiest nap today. Her cough woke her up and she couldn't go back to sleep. So I brought her into my bed and she wrote in the blank pages of my journal for an hour while I dozed. She is really showing an interest in writing and reading. It always amazes me how their marvelous brains work.

And to top the hectic, lunatic day that today was...Ken is on call and had to leave to do a surgery tonight. Thankfully, no, I should say THANKS BE TO THE KIND GODS, he was able to come home to eat, help with bath and bedtime before he had to leave.

And now the two beautiful high energy, question asking, candy demanding, salt spilling, little angels are fast asleep. And I will now fold their laundry and immediately go to bed...oh, right after the diapers finish in the wash.

Aaaah sleep how I want thee and will soon be with thee.

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  1. Sleep deprivation is just this side of total insanity, in my experience. I feel for you! Plus you need lots of energy to keep up with those little beings who undo everything you've just done as fast as you can do it... my toddler's latest thing is just after a bath, if I put her clothes on then start to get her brother out of the tub, she'll jump back in and get soaked and need to be dressed again (not to mention making MORE laundry!) So the other day I just let her run around naked until I'd gotten brother out. She climbed up and peed on the bed! :D I guess we're neighbors in lunatic land!


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