Saturday, February 19, 2011

Here and There's

"What if the moon died?" Maddie asked me one day.
What a question...and how to answer it...?
To make everything more interesting, Isaac overheard and, because he apparently has a good memory, whenever someone says "moon" now he says "dies".
Last night I showed them the full moon and Isaac kept saying "dies, dies". He has no idea what that means. It's bizarre to hear a 19 month old saying that.

Today Ken made pizza for supper and he was surprised to hear Isaac saying "pizza". We had to stop ourselves from saying anything while eating dinner, afraid to jinx it, because Isaac actually ate his whole piece and asked for more. We have been having issues with eating lately. It's very hit and miss. Today was a hit!

Maddie actually cleaned up all the toys all by herself today. Usually she needs help. I was about to start helping her when she said, "It's OK mama, I can do it." She was so proud. I hope that feeling encourages her for future clean-up times.

A couple day's ago, Maddie gave me the best back massage ever. With cream and everything. She is amazing! I asked her where she learned and she just said, "I've always known." I said, "Wow. That's called being a natural." And she said, "Of course it is."

We put a pillow in Isaac's crib for the first time ever last night. A nice, flat pillow. But it helps him breath better now that he's all stuffed up. And I think he actually did sleep better. I remember around this age is when Maddie started sleeping with a pillow too.

And again I repeat, that I am not happy about how fast they are growing up.

Has anyone invented a way to slow down time yet?


  1. I hate to break the bad news to you, but in my experience, time just keeps going faster and faster as you get older! The good news is, there will always be new, amazing joys at every age!

  2. Was afraid of that! ;-) But you're right, it's amazing to watch them learn and grow and see what amazing little people they are!!!


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