Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chicken Pox and Kisses...

There are several memories that stand out when I remember life at six years old. For starters that's the year I got chicken pox. We had the biggest family reunion ever, and all my cousins came and one of them came with chicken pox. So of course me, my brother and a few other unlucky kids caught it. It was awful. I remember scratching and picking and being so miserable. We went camping and I wasn't allowed to do anything fun because I had to stay away from the pool and the other kids. One of the spots got scratched so bad that it got infected. And it was on my face too. My mom said she was worried it would scar. But thankfully it didn't.

I also had my first kiss and my first "boyfriend" when I was six. It's funny now, but I'm sure my mom was freaking out about this. I remember we kissed, a french kiss too {though I had no idea at the time...eeks!}, in my closet. My brother and his sister and I were all playing and me and my "boyfriend" snuck into my closet and kissed. We broke up shortly after {insert major eye roll here}. Now being a mother, I surely hope my daughter doesn't kiss a boy at six years old!

I also remember playing all.the.time. I have fond memories of summertime and playing tag and hide-and-seek and on the playground. And I remember meeting a girl named Summer {she was about 4 years older than us} and thinking she was the coolest. Those days of free play led to scraped knees and sunkissed skin and oh so much fun.

My brother and I also rescued a bird with an injured wing. It was a Robin and he lived in our house in a cardboard clementine box until it was better. We released it and I swear it stayed close by because we would see a little Robin every morning sitting in the tree right in front of our house, singing away.

Of course there were the other more boring things that six year olds go through. I was reading by that point and absolutely loved it. We were homeschooled full time by now and were learning the curriculum in Spanish. Which is so cool because it meant that I never forgot how to speak my native language {Thanks Mama and Papa!}.

My love for ballet began to grow exponentially around this time. But that will be a story for a later date...

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