Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Whiny Sort of Day

I knew something was up when by 7:30am Isaac was still sleeping. Usually our little, very reliable, alarm is up and calling for us no later than 6:30am. When he finally woke up his little voice was so raspy and when he coughed he sounded like a seal pup calling to his mama. Despite him feeling yucky, he was his usual rambunctious and curious self. I figured he could use some outdoor time to help open up his croupy airway, but the poor guy just hated every second of the 15 minutes we spent outside. He whined and whined, and whined some more. Maddie was having fun running down the hill beside our neighbor's house, but I had to cancel fun time because Isaac was so done. She was OK though. For a few minutes. When we came in then they both started whining and crying and falling to the ground in utter despair at the slight mention that it was lunchtime and I had to get things ready and couldn't play. That's how they get when their little bodies are in full battle with an evil virus. Oh well. At least they are predictable. The rest of the day was made up of swings from fun joy to unhappy tears.

Oh and Maddie bit Isaac. She left teeth marks. He was trying to play the keyboard at the same time she was. Well, most likely he was trying to push her out of the way so he could play on his own. She felt terrible she put herself in time out and cried and cried. Then after our discussion about the whole thing, she kept hugging him and kissing his arm. The rest of the day he kept pointing at it and saying "Maddie bite". But in the end they are still the best of friends and they closed their day off with a nice, fun bath...well what started out as a nice, fun bath which got interrupted by a certain little boy pooping in the tub. I said, "Well lets get it all done and over today, so tomorrow will be a million times better!" Then I went to the mall to pick something up for Ken.  I offered to go because I so badly wanted the time alone. I also wanted a frozen yogurt, but by the way my luck was running, when I got to the counter they had closed the frozen-yogurt-making machine up. Before then though I spent $100 on raincoats and socks for the kiddos. And I commented to myself, like I always do, that I hardly ever buy myself stuff on the splurge. But you know what? I like it that way. I have everything I need and I wouldn't trade them for any purse or pair of jeans.

Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a less whiny sort of day.

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