Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Day

I think every day should be love day. But for some reason I felt festive today. Well, not super festive, as in go all out and decorate in red, pink and white, make heart shaped baked goods and a fancy dinner...but just festive; as in, lets actually acknowledge that today is Valentine's Day and start a new tradition. That kind of festive. So I got out of my napping sweat pants and put on a nice shirt and pants, Maddie picked out a sweet dress and I put a little dress vest on Isaac and when Ken got home we made pancakes for dinner. We made a batch of delish plain buckwheat pancakes and another batch of buckwheat spinach and cheese pancakes. Oh. Mmm. Gee. They were good. The kiddos loved them too.

Us grownups celebrated on the weekend. On Saturday Ken and I went out on a mini getaway date. A thing that was way overdue. We went to watch a theatre play, then to dinner and then we spent the night at a hotel. All on our own. We slept. All. Night. Ahhh. It was nice. But I do have to admit in all honesty that I missed the kiddos WAY TOO MUCH. And my bed too. Our bed is just so damn comfy. But it was nice to spend a whole day and night with Ken. We talked without being interrupted, talked some more..and well other stuff you don't need to know about. All I will say is that it was the perfect way to celebrate our soon-to-be 13 year anniversary of being together (which officially happens on Feb 28). Crazy! It doesn't feel like 13 years. And I am still so head over heels in love with him. And he says he is too. Despite my always wanting an extra half hour sleep-in on the weekends, my worrying and annoying questions, the cellulite that is starting to appear a little, my somewhat-flabby belly and aging skin (I have to face it, the skin just isn't the same as 13 years ago!). Hahaha. No really, he is.

♥         Happy Valentine's Day         

♥ Ken and I in Mexico 2 years ago 

{For some reason recent pictures of him and I together are practically non-existent! Must fix that}

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  1. Glad ya'll were able to go and have a night away! I know you miss them- but it's so important to get away, too! Geoff and I are overdue for a weekend away.....and we are hoping to make it happen this March for our 5 year anniversary!


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