Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Almost Mickey Time!

The countdown is on! This weekend we are headed to Disney and I have to admit that I am super excited! Maddie's pure delight and excitement are so contagious, plus I really am a big kid and can't wait to go back {last time Ken and I went was in 2001}. Isaac will have lots of fun too. He is already saying "Mickey Mouse!" and "Mickey hug" (he is planning to give Mickey a hug). Maddie is all about the "mean guys" and is planning to find Maleficent {and maybe Jafar} and give them a hug. We are going for a week, and I know by the end of it we will be perfectly exhausted and ready to come home. In the meantime I am procrastinating getting things ready and packed. But I am planning to take Thursday to do that and finish up the rest on Friday. We're pretty used to travelling with kiddos, but somehow I feel like this particular trip is going into unknown territory. I think it's because we are going to a busy, people-packed place to do A LOT of walking {where usually our vacations are all about laying on a beach and swimming in the pool!}.

Wanna share some tips on making this trip smooth? Oh and also on travelling while pregnant {last time I flew while pregnant was with Maddie...so it's been a while!}? I'd love to hear them!

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