Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Breath

I feel human again! I can breathe somewhat easier and my sense of smell is back {which was not a good thing when I opened up the dishwasher tonight with all day's dishes in it!}. I had an acupuncture treatment yesterday morning and it really helped. When I got home from the treatment all I felt like doing was going to sleep, and thankfully I was able to because my mama came over to play with the kiddos. When I woke up a couple hours later I felt totally better. The pressure and headache were gone! Today I feel like I just have the tail-end of a cold, which is fine with me.

Ken and I went to the market this morning while the kiddos stayed and played and made cookies at my parents' house. It was pouring all day, but the sun did come out in the late evening for a bit. I can feel Spring inching her way closer and I couldn't be happier! The garlic has sprouted shoots in the garden and so have the tulips and crocus...and our raspberry bush is looking healthy and has new branches on it. I just love this time of year, the shift from the stillness and sleepiness of winter to the feeling of renewal Spring brings! It makes everything better.

Well, except for the fact that Daylight Savings time begins overnight today. These time changes always confuse my body and annoy I just refuse to think about them too much. Our clocks are usually our kiddos {and my stomach}, so we go by their schedule anyways!

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