Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Santa Box

I remember that I began writing in a diary at some point in my childhood so I searched through my trunk of old and treasured keepsakes and actually found it! I was excited to discover that near the end of the year I was eight years old is when I started writing in it. This is a fantastic discovery because I tend to jumble up the years of when things actually now I will be able to have a reference to check.

There is one very fond memory I have of my eighth year. It begins on a cold and icy day in late December. This type of weather was atypical for a place like Victoria, BC, which usually has a very moderate climate. My brother and I asked our parents if we could go out and play in the snow. We played and played until our socks were wet, when we began to come inside we heard our mother calling, "...don't come in just yet, play for a few more minutes!" Usually our mother was demanding that we come inside, so we knew something was happening. Sure enough when we went inside a few minutes later our parents had expectant smiles on their faces. We went upstairs to our room to change out of our wet clothes and found the most wonderful surprise in our bedroom! Santa had come to our house {a bit early...} and left a big box full of goodies for each of us! At this age (we were 8 and 7 years old) we knew Santa wasn't "real", but we sure still believed in the spirit of Christmas! We had so much fun looking through our boxes and discovering what was inside. Among the gifts I received was my very first diary, that I began writing in that very night, and was the start of my passion for writing down moments from my life to have as memories forever...

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