Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guess Who?

Do you remember this game? My brother and I used to play often when we were kids. We really had fun! So my mom still has the exact same game set from when we were kids and Maddie has been starting to play it once in a while.

Well on Sunday night after dinner at my parents' Maddie, Ken and I started playing. I was on Maddie's team, but really I was there just to make sure she got the hang of it. She asked all her questions and answered all Ken's questions on her own. In the first game, Ken dominated, he had only 3 people left and Maddie had at least 10. Well she said, "I want to guess who Daddy's person is" and I said, "OK, who do you think he has?" She pointed to Hans. I said "OK, ask him."

"Is your person Hans?"

Ken nearly fainted.

She had guessed right.

Then on the next game, she was doing better, thanks to finding out Daddy's person had earrings (that narrowed it down quite a bit). But before she narrowed it down even more she again wanted to guess.

And she got it right again.

Without suggestions or hinting or anything from our end.


I feel like she is a born natural guess who player!

Or maybe she's telepathic or psychic...yeah that's probably it!

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