Sunday, April 24, 2011

IF We Believe Carnival: The Stories and Faces of Infertility

I never go to sleep without sending out a heartfelt thank you to the Universe, gently and thoughtfully wrapped in love and humbleness.

I kiss them to sleep every night. I wake up to their beautiful voices. And even though there are days I feel like pulling out my hair one strand at a time would be better than listening to yet another tantrum...I wouldn't trade my life for anything. And I'd do it all over again, without changing a single thing.

I wasn't always sure I'd be able to write this. And the hurt of that time in my life sometimes still tries to emerge. But it can't because I've healed and let go. Let go, but never quite forgotten. It will always be a part of me, but no longer hold me in it's clutches.

And you would think that the healing happened because of them...those two (well, I should say three!) rambunctious, wonder-filled little beings.

But no.

The healing happened from me; when I hit rock bottom and had to choose between giving up or moving on.

And only then, only once I was healed and no longer feared infertility, was I ready to welcome the blessings into my life.

Today starts National Infertility Awareness Week. And I hope that the many women and men out there currently suffering and feeling lost, can find strength in knowing they are not alone. I will be participating in the IF We Believe Blog Carnival hosted by my friend at Up, Down and Natural happening this week (you can participate too!). My post is about that rock bottom experience and how I survived. I'll share it with you sometime in the next few days.

Be sure to check out the other posts and together we will take away infertility's hold over us...push it into the light where it can no longer hurt us.

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