Friday, April 22, 2011

Some Blog Love

I am ashamed to say that I have been forgetting to pass along a Blog Award given to me by MJ a couple weeks ago!

First I want to again thank MJ for the award! I am humbled that she enjoys my blog and thought to acknowledge it.

So as part of receiving the award I must now share 7 things about me.

Here goes (in no sense-making order)...

1) I love, love, love reading. I try to always have a good book on the go. I usually only get to read before I go to sleep, but sometiems, if the book is extremely enthralling, I have been known to read when the kiddos are playing or while playing in the bath (with me sitting on the stool beside the tub...and yes my book often gets splashed on, but it's worth it!).

2) I love Thai food. And Mexican food.

3) I always floss before I brush.

4) If you ask for help I will go out of my way to make it happen!

5) I love babies, and seriously worry I will never feel "done"!

6) I am big on naps. I used to take naps on occasion before becoming a mama, and since becoming one I take a nap when they do. Every day. Stuff can wait. I am a much better mama when I'm well rested. Even just 20 mins makes a huge difference for me!

7) I would much rather watch a comedy than a drama and even more so than a suspence/thriller (though I am not opposed to watching either kind, if I'm given the choice I choose to laugh first!).

And now to pass on this lovely award! It's been hard for me to pick only 10, but here are the blogs I pass along this Kreativ Blogger award to (again, in no particular order!):

1) Adventures in Babywearing
2) Up, Down and Natural
3) The Practical Dilettante
4) Sweet/Salty
5) Better Than I Could Have Imagined
6) Hurray! It's Megan
7) Hybrid Rasta Mama
8) The Kruse Zoo
9) Life is What You Make It
10) Ella-Bean and Co.


P.S. For those blogs I chose, don't feel obliged to pass this along! I mostly just wanted you to know I enjoy reading your blog and hope others will too! If you do decide to participate, great! I look forward to learning those 7 things about you and the blogs you choose :-)


  1. Oh I loved reading your 7 things!!! I had to smile about flossing before brushing. My hubs does that too and has always tried to convince me that it makes more sense than the opposite. It drives him nuts that I won't change. He will smile at this, too. And how I wish I could take naps!! Haven't been able to in years! Have a great weekend Kat and thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh thank you for this award! You are so thoughtful. Thank you for taking the time to not only read my blog but to enjoy it as well! It is wonderful to be able to interact with like minded mamas like you! Keep on writing...I will be reading!

  3. :) this makes me smile. and after a night like last night, i totally needed a reason to smile.


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