Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spa Day

I went out with one of my friends today. We went to get a massage and then went out for lunch. And of course, the outing had to be peppered with a typical "Kat-ism". This time it was that I forgot my wallet. How embarrassing! I even went to pick her up, which meant I was driving without my license. I did have my cheque book in my purse, so I was able to write her a cheque right away. But still. And where is the wallet? In the diaper bag. I think I need a better system to prevent this from happening. I can't keep switching from purse to diaper bag. And I can't carry around my huge purse with a diaper bag. I think I need a small purse. Or I need a better brain!

Anyways, the massage was great. It's the first time I've ever had a pregnancy massage...with one of those tables with the holes for the belly. I can't even begin to describe how great it felt to be on my belly again. Oh it was glorious! I am a tummy sleeper and I'm having a really hard time sleeping comfortably now. One thing I did wonder during the massage was, "am I a freak or are there others out there who notice massage technique asymmetries?" For example, on one leg she would do a certain spot and then when she did the other leg she wouldn't...or on my back and neck she would do things differently on each side, so that part was left feeling a bit left out! It's not enough to bother me or to ruin my massage, but I did catch myself thinking about it a few times and I had to tell my brain to shut up and let me enjoy my massage!

Now it's back to reality.

I am glad we got to go out...especially since my friend is having her baby soon and will likely be a while before we get to do something like this again together.

I, however, am planning to go get one of those pregnancy table massages again. Oh heck yes!

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