Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today's Funnies

Isaac is talking so much. This in combination with his adorable sense of humour causes for some really funny moments. He says things like, "I poopy. Pushing!!!" Then two seconds later he'll be back and say, "Poopoo, big guy (or little guy, depending...)." He also goes around with a key and finds screws or knobs or handles and says he's "fixing stuff".

Some other favorite phrases are "Moona" for Luna and Moon....{yep there's his bilingualism peeping out} and "Este tiene agua" (which means this one has water--what he says when one of his soothers has a bit of water in it and makes that squishy sound when he sucks).

Oh my, he cracks us up.

And Maddie. Well she is definitely one funny kiddo. Today she put her socks in the fridge because, "she wanted them cold." I just went to get a snack tonight and they are still in there. I wonder what she'll say tomorrow when she puts them on?

She also, out of the blue said that, "Isaac has diabetes because he has little eyes." Upon further questioning of why she thought that she said, "Daddy said that diabetes can hurt people's eyes and make them little." I am sure she overheard Ken talking about something to do with diabetes and eyes and well that's what stuck in her head {I am not saying here that diabetes is funny...not at all, just that it's funny to see how things get translated in their little kiddo minds!}

I do love the funny things they say. They make me feel better on days when I am just beyond exhausted.

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