Saturday, April 9, 2011

It'll make them healthier later...

The flu is visiting our house again. Poor little Isaac has been vomiting and having diarrhea on and off since Thursday night. He also has a fever. And of course he feels awful. Mostly he just wants to sleep. It's so weird to see him so lethargic. Usually he is a non-stop ball of vibrant energy.

I didn't give them their flu shot this year (actually I haven't in the past few years). I have really good, researched and informed reasons for not doing that. But still, there are nanoseconds of moments when I ask myself if maybe I should have? Ah, the self doubt. It never ceases to make it's appearance some way or another. But I honestly don't believe getting the flu shot would reduce the incidence of illnesses going through our house. And to me, the pros of not getting it outweighed the cons of getting sick.

I just remind myself that all these bouts of sickness are simply adding to the repertoire of much-needed antibodies their bodies will have. I believe in the power our bodies have to heal and defend themselves. I can help nourish and strengthen their immune systems with a healthy diet, exercise and supplements so they can kick virus' butts and so they can mature and get stronger. And then I have to let nature do her part.

I hope my well-nourished, pregnant immune system can skip out on this flu. I really just don't want to vomit. Really, really, don't.


  1. That stinks! Seems like the stomach bug is really hanging on this season. I wanted to mention that the flu shot doesn't protect against stomach "flu". It protects against influenza. Hopefully that will help you feel more relaxed in that you couldn't have prevented it with a shot. Get better soon!

  2. Thanks for the support!
    Yeah, the flu shot is for influenza. But gastrointestinal symptoms are common in small children during an influenza infection so it's tricky to distinguish between the two. "Stomach flus" are altogether a different, but still not fun thing! Gosh, I hope sickness season is over soon!


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