Saturday, April 16, 2011

Needing Something

I am beyond relieved this week is over.


It's not that I didn't enjoy it, only that it was one of those weeks where everything seemed to take extra effort. Everything seemed to get stuck. And the kiddos demanded so much of everything, I was left without anything left to give.

Ironically, even though I was exhausted every night, I still found it hard to get to sleep. One of those being overtired things.

There was definitely stress lurking around in our home this week, and I am more than sure the kiddos picked up on it.

Ken had an exam today so the anticipation and angst about it built up over the week.

I was busy finishing my exam and working on my coaching webpage and blog.

And of course there are the never ending, always there tasks and chores that need to be done.

In reality, I'm sure next week will be just as busy, but I will take it in with a different pair of eyes.

Because... kiddos are amazing husband rocks my world

...and I am going to the spa with one of my awesome friends on Thursday to get a massage.

Aahhhh yes....

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