Sunday, April 17, 2011

Readjusting Bedtime

So over the last couple of weeks the kiddos' bedtime seems to be getting later and later. To the point that it was 9pm and we were still dealing with kiddos who couldn't get to sleep. Both Ken and I have noticed a change in their behaviour during the day...and finally after a long, exhausting week I said enough is enough. Time to readjust bedtime!

It's not that we purposefully made bedtime later, or that we let them stay up just because. It just seemed like bath started a few minutes later each day...then, bath was longer, then by the time stories were read, teeth were brushed and it was time to sleep...well, they seemed to be overtired, have gotten a second wind and then they ended up having a hard time going to sleep.

For Isaac that meant he would still be awake after his rocking and lullabies and within five minutes of being laid down, he would start kicking his feet, playing, talking to himself and calling for us.

For Maddie that meant she would call us and say "I just can't go to sleep."

So last night we started bath at 6:30pm. They were out of bath by 7pm. Then came pajamas and stories and teeth brushing, lullabies and snuggles and goodnight kisses and hugs...and they were both asleep by 8pm. A whole hour earlier than had been happening the week before!

It was nice. Ken and I had some more time to do some fun stuff, we watched The Office and 30 Rock from last week and were in bed at a decent time too.

The kiddos had a solid 11 hour sleep and in the morning they were happy, energized and you know what?
They actually maintained their good mood throughout the morning and early afternoon. And of course we can't forget about the all important afternoon nap, which they willingly went down for and slept for 2 hours!

I am pretty sure that their demeanor will continue to improve over the week with our readjusted and reclaimed bedtime. It was just getting so silly! For the past couple of weeks they would get very emotional and have tantrums at the drop of a hat, they were fighting over toys and I could just tell they were tired and downright cranky. 

It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do!


  1. I would like a good night's sleep too but with a 9mo old, I doubt that it is forthcoming anytime soon. However I'm certain that if I adjusted our bedtime routine to begin earlier, I might not be staying up so late trying to get my son to sleep. I've noticed recently that he's been crankier too probably because he's not getting enough sleep himself. Oddly enough this didn't even occur to me until I read your post. Thanks!

  2. Ah yes I remember that 9 month old stage well. I believe I remember typing into google "Why isn't my 9 month old sleeping?" with my first baby. Hahahaha! I actually came across Ask Moxie's blog and was introduced to the whole idea of sleep regression. Which made so much sense and I never again felt like a failure because it took a couple hours to get my kiddo to fall asleep!

    Anyways, I send you sleepy vibes and hope everyone there is well rested soon :-)

  3. Bedtime is always a problem, it seems. Just when you have the routine down, life seems to get busier or time slips away and the kiddos start getting to bed later and later. I just readjusted bedtime about a month or two ago and wondering if it doesn't need to be done yet again.

  4. I've definitely found our bedtime is getting later and later with the lengthening days and the early daylight savings time. I need to get some block out curtains! My four year olds are not asleep until 9 and that makes for some cranky afternoons. Thanks for the reminde.

  5. I have a nine month old and am in the throes of sleep regression. Last night just about did me in. Reading this gave me hope that I will indeed sleep again!!


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