Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One of those days...

Today was one of those days where...

...I had to laugh because if I didn't I was going to boil over with frustration. So at one point, in the middle of a double crying-fest, I started laughing and then the kiddos stopped crying and started laughing too...it was quite the moment and after it, we were all happier.

...Maddie kept having cranky moments and saying ridiculous things. I swear she is already PMS-ing!

...I ran out of chocolate and had to resort to crunching on a combo of the kiddos' chewable Vit C wafers {they are soo tasty} and some  BBQ flavoured rice chips for comfort food.

...I had a ton of errands to do and in the middle of it we were passing by our house and I thought out loud, "Should I stop in to pee?"...well Maddie had to as well so we all had to get out and then I almost didn't feel like going out again...but we did because we needed to. But man, all those in and outs of the car are exhausting. I seriously am wondering how the hell I'm going to manage with one more? Advice please!!!

...I had to repeat myself a million times and still was not heard. It's as if the kiddos' ears were shut off. I can tell you that by the time nap time rolled around, I was already half asleep.

But it was also one of those days where...

...I marveled at how amazing my kiddos are and I felt my heart swelling with love and gratitude for being their mama.

P.S. Maddie got her haircut today and she loves it. I think it makes her look a bit older...I will honestly say that I am not coping too well with the fact she will be 5 years in three weeks...


  1. What a wonderful post, I felt like laughing and crying along with you!! You know, through all of that, you sound so balanced and grateful, and I don't think it gets any better than that!!

  2. Yes! To all of it and especially the getting in and out of the car. When I read that you went back out again, I was impressed :) Thanks for linking up to our first ever link-up! This is a special week :)

  3. This sounds a lot like my days, except I only have one kid, don't know how you ladies do it :)


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