Thursday, April 28, 2011

After Rock Bottom

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Infertility sucks. Big time. Not only did it make me ride the horrible emotional rollercoaster, despite my strongest efforts to avoid it, but it also made me doubt my body, my self and my sense of purpose. At first, when it was just a few months and there still was no beautiful positive...I thought, "It's got to happen soon" and was completely, and dutifully in denial about other possibilities. And then it didn't happen. And it didn't. And didn't. Then I got to the point where I got mad and would ask myself, "What am I doing wrong. Why is this {not} happening?" And we kept trying. In my case, I kept trying to: eat healthy, seek out alternative medicine solutions, take my vitamins and supplements diligently, keep track of my cycle, make sure to time sex at the right time, attend all those doctor appointments, not complain while getting poked and prodded by all sorts of medical paraphernalia, to put up with the lack of answers from doctors, and kept trying to avoid having to come face-to-face with that ever looming question, "What if nothing works? What if it NEVER happens?
...all this, while trying really hard not to think about it all too much and doing my best to stay hopeful, but not too hopeful, just in case.

It got messy and confusing.

It got tiring.

And it got to the point where it broke my heart into a million pieces.

Because every cycle when I saw the missing second line I dreaded having to do it all.over.again.

And I just didn't want to anymore.

But I kept trying anyways because I knew I would do anything to be a mommy and I still hoped and prayed it would happen.

And then at some point, I hit rock bottom and there was nowhere else I could go.

How do you get back up? How do you keep living your life every day and functioning and doing all that's expected of you when your heart is now barely held together by your measly efforts?

The answer is: you find your strength.

It's in you already. It's just been forgotten. It's been buried by all the negativity and thoughts of doom.

So I sought it out. I delved deep within, and there, among the shattered pieces of my heart I saw it, barely glowing, but still alight. And I felt a sudden sense of peace because I knew it was going to be alright. And it wasn't a fake sense of rightness, but the real deal. I knew I would have to nurture the light, that I would have to give it attention and protect it. But I knew it would one day soon glow bright. As bright as it did when I first began this journey and was full of joy and happiness to begin a family. I now understood that one day, somehow, I would be a mother. But this time that understanding was different. This time I felt it, rather than thought it. And options I didn't consider before were now answers. The most frightening thought of all did not seem so scary anymore. Perhaps I may not ever feel a baby kick me from the inside, but I now saw that I could still feel my heart overflow beyond what I'd ever imagined, with love for a child, a child I would one day be blessed to nurture. Or perhaps I would one day become pregnant. I didn't know the answer for sure but I knew that whatever the path ahead of me was, the final destination was now so very clear. Motherhood. I no longer feared infertility. I said, "Hi, you. I am not afraid of you anymore. So go away and let me be."

With my strength as my ally, I saw things differently. I saw opportunities where once all I saw was lacking. I found resources and community to help me, where once I felt alone. I found friends in unlikely places because now I was paying attention. And quite ironically, without seeking it, I found myself comforting others who were on their way to rock bottom. And I gently held their hand {metaphorically mostly, literally sometimes}, because that's what they needed at that point. But when they were ready, I told them, "I was there not so long ago, and it's scary, but it does get better."

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