Sunday, May 29, 2011


I love my OB. She's supportive and knowledgeable and I trust her. However, the chances of having her be the one to attend the birth are slim to none. She is in a group of about 20 OB's. Plus I'm due in the summer and there are vacations to consider.

I haven't really thought too much about this detail. I always just pictured her being there. But the reality of the situation is creeping up as I near the last stretch of pregnancy.

I wonder now...

Should I take my chances and see who is on call the day I go into labour?


Do I ask my OB to transfer me to a smaller practice group?

My only concern with staying with the large OB group is that I am a VBAC candidate and perhaps they may not ALL be as supportive as my OB is (and she's supportive, but just barely...she is a high risk OB after all and her threshold for "stuff", i.e. possible complications, is probably lower).

I have an appointment with her next week. I am going to bring this issue up and see what her opinion is on switching care providers.

I have this fanciful, impossible, daydream that she will just say, "Oh don't worry! Just page me when you go into labour and I will come in, even if I'm not on call that day!"

Hahaha! Fat chance!

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