Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Sort Of

I'm in a funk these days. It's awful because I know better. I can see all the things I would say and offer to clients if they came to me with the way I feel...but it's just going to take some time for stuff to re-sink-in for me. I am 99.9% sure this funk is being made worse because I'm tired. So very tired. The kiddos have been sleeping so-so these last few days (weeks?) and the pregnancy related discomforts and bigness is making it really hard to get a good, deep, restful sleep. Oh and I forgot to mention that baby-girl is crazy active and her favorite time to play is at night...for what seems all night.

Anyways, I was looking through some pictures from this last week and found some that made me feel like sunshine was coming through the clouds.

I just love my kiddos so freaking much!

{Isaac "Huggie", as he likes to call hugs. Man, I look tired!}

{Senor Picasso...he is his own canvas! His legs were covered too}

{The smile that could make anything all better}

{Enjoying a "pop" together}

{Did I mention I was huge? Belly at 29w3d}


  1. Oh it is the smiles that keep us going yes? I hope you get some rest soon!!
    P.S. Your belly bump is beautiful!!!

  2. Yes they sure are!
    Thanks, despite the discomfort, I do love my baby bump :-)


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