Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am pretty sure my nesting urge has kicked in. I am already the type of person that likes things to be organized and adding the urge to nest to this is making it a bit overwhelming! I want to clean out closets, cupboards, drawers of all kinds, clean the house till it's spotless, re-caulk the bathtubs...oh and so much more! I wish I had the time and energy and physical capability to do it all! But I get slightly dizzy if I stand too long...and I can't bend over or reach places quite well. So I do what I can and ask for help for the others. Except that no one else really sees the urgency in my task list! And in reality, it's probably not urgent, it just seems like stuff we should do. So I will focus on what really needs to get done. Like sort out baby clothes (yikes I better do that soon!), set up the baby area in our bedroom and buy that freaking car seat!!!


  1. I would LOVE to come and help you! Pre-birth nesting is my specialty. But alas, no plans to visit the Maritimes until 2014. Perhaps I'll drop by then! ;-)

  2. Aw you're sweet! It would be awesome if we could meet up in the future :-) Who knows, maybe I'll be pregnant again then! LOL!


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