Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Canada Day {Weekend}!!!

It's been a fun-filled one for us and the weather here has actually decided to cooperate. I think I actually got a little tan this weekend.

We also discovered this weekend that Maddie can officially swim on her own! She did really well in her last swimming class session but still used a floating aid for the majority of her swims.

But this weekend we headed out to the cottage. She started playing with a couple of other girls, a few years older than her, and they were all swimming together. Maddie had her life jacket on, but decided to take it off and just use a noodle. Well, the next step for her was to try to see if she could swim without the noodle. And she let it go. I did not witness this firsthand, but Ken says she was initially shocked and then started doggy paddling to save her life! All he could see was her little head sticking out of the water as she bobbed up and down for a few seconds! One of the other little girls gave her back her noodle and she grabbed on again. She said she was a bit scared, but now she knows she can actually stay afloat on her own!!! I am so excited! Now we can work on strengthening her swim and the length of time she can stay afloat. Today we went swimming at our friends' pool and she was able to swim alone again...back and forth between Ken and the ladder. I can't help but feels so proud of her! It's also weird though, it seems like just yesterday she was a little one year old in a parent n' tot she's swimming on her own...

 {Discovering and working with clay}

 {Looking for fish}

 {Trying to keep up with the kiddos!}

 {Found a fish! It was actually a stick, but you know...}

 {Extremely pregnant...and I still have a few weeks to go!}

 {Maddie caught some tadpoles! Don't worry they were eventually returned :-) }

 {Looking for more tadpoles together}

{With Daddy and Auntie}

{Mr. Smiley Cloud the end of a beautiful day!}

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