Thursday, July 28, 2011

Platelets, Epidurals and Acupuncture

I love being pregnant. I really do. It's one of my most favorite states of being. In fact, as soon as I had my two babies I missed my belly!


I am so ready for this little baby girl to make her entrance into our non-watery world.

I am so ready to embrace and experience labour and birth.

I am so ready to do everything I've been preparing for my successful VBAC.

I am so ready...

...but it seems she is not. Not just yet.

And now I have a nice monkey wrench thrown into the mix.

My platelets are low. They've been on the low end of normal since I had Isaac. But in the last 2 weeks they've dropped even more. Needless to say, my OB is concerned. I now have to see even more doctors, haematology and anaesthesia. Apparently I can't have an epidural with low platelets (that's OK, I wasn't planning on one), but if, IF, I have to have a c-section I may need to be put under general anaesthesia. Which would TOTALLY suck. But I wonder, why not an epidural? During a c-section they would be cutting me the risk of bleeding in the spine different somehow? All questions I will ask the doc next week.

In the meantime I am working with my Naturopath to help my body increase my platelets and we are also doing labour induction acupuncture points to gently help my body get ready and pave the way for the baby.

I just want my beautiful little baby girl to arrive safe and healthy, before any more surprises come up!!!

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  1. Oh Kat! I was just thinking of you today and hoping I'd have time to send you a message after I put my kids to bed.

    For me, the last 2-3 weeks of pregnancy I cannot relax because I am worried about every possible scenario and always, ALWAYS thinking that the baby would be safer on the outside!

    I send you much love and wishes for a safe and gentle birth.



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