Tuesday, August 2, 2011

38 Weeks and Other Stuff...

38 weeks 1 day
I feel like all I do is go to appointments, do grocery shopping, clean, tidy, organize and think about when this baby girl is finally going to come. This stage of pregnancy is always like that for me. I am torn between feeling the overwhelming gratitude for being pregnant...of having this beautiful little life growing inside me and of feeling totally DONE...ready to hold my baby in my arms rather than have her in my belly. I am mentally, physically and emotionally ready. It all must be part of getting ready. I feel like my body is getting ready too. On Sunday night I had a two hour long "false" labour (or pre-labour, a nicer way to put it) episode with intense contractions, 5-10 mins apart. I remember that happening with Isaac the week before I went into real labour. At my appointment today I was 50% effaced, with a super soft cervix that was 1cm dilated. So things are happening. Soon, eventually, I will be giving birth. I also gained 3 lbs in one week. Wowzers. I blame the heat. I feel swollen. My legs and feet are a bit pudgy  But I also do think that baby girl has put on some weight too. She feels big through my belly. I felt her little leg/foot the other day and and it feels chubby!!!

Tomorrow I have my appointments with the blood and pain meds specialists. Hopefully I will get some good news about my platelets. I really don't want them to drop any more and I hope the stuff I've been doing plus whatever they suggest to do will help increase them.

I also have to say that I was very surprised (and impressed) by my OB today. She is so awesome. She didn't push an internal examination (I asked for it), she didn't pressure me about attempting to do a membrane sweep and, in fact, she was the one that stated (after the exam was done) that it was not a good idea to do one at 1cm dilated because the body wasn't ready yet. And she expressed her support about me wanting to have non-drug pain management strategies during labour. I REALLY hope she's on call when I go into labour! It would be great to end this journey with her there.

Well, that's it for pregnancy-related stuff. I know I have neglected to write a whole lot...it seems like my brain can only focus on one thing (yep, you guessed it...having this baby!!!).

But everyone is doing well. The kiddos are growing and continue to be a source of joy and happiness as well as frustration (which is totally normal with a 5 and 2 year old!). They say the funniest things sometimes I I seriously don't know where they come up with this stuff! They are both really excited for the baby to come. Even Isaac is seeming to understand...he sometimes comes up to my belly, kisses it and says, "Baby come out now!" I am looking forward to seeing them welcome their little sister into our family.

Today is our wedding anniversary. Eight years. Crazy how long it's been, but it doesn't feel like eight years. Awesome! We went out to dinner yesterday and had a great time. I love that Ken is my best friend. I can tell him anything. He knows me through and through and I am so beyond happy to be his life partner.

My belly is now asking for food. So I will go and fulfill that request! Hopefully the next update will be about me going into labour!

My shirts don't fit anymore!


  1. sending happy thoughts your way :) and labor inducing thoughts...

    that belly is something to be proud of -- it's amazing how our bodies can do so much, even it we lose bits of our sanity along the way.

    can't wait to hear your birth story and how it all turns out.

  2. aww kitty, i am praying for elsa to make her debut soon! happy anniversary to you and ken, eight years, wow! todd and i are celebrating our first this week! time flies when everything is as it should be. :)love you and so amazed by the strong and beautiful woman you are.
    p.s your belly looks adorable in your shirt that no longer fits!


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