Tuesday, September 6, 2011

1st Day of School

I'm officially a mother to a kiddo that goes to school. Today was Maddie's first day of school. A couple of weeks ago I had a few days were I totally wanted to back out...I didn't want her to go, I wanted to go ahead and do homeschool, not have to follow anyone's schedule...but make my own. I just could not fathom how on earth I was going to be able to get out the door in time with 3 kiddos and feeling like the living dead (with not having slept all that great as one tends to do with a newborn). But the last week things have gotten better. And I realized that in order to maintain a happy relationship with my daughter (as in avoid her rebelling against me--because that's what she does when I try to "teach" her) I needed to pass on the formal education torch to someone else. And I'm happy with that. I know deep down that that's what she needs, that's where she will thrive. For now, this is the right thing. And today I was happy to see that Maddie's reaction to being dropped off and the way her day went proved it. She was happy and excited. She only got a little nervous when she saw other kiddos and parents getting worked up, but as soon as she started walking towards the doors I could see her eagerness.

I picked her up for lunch and she was so happy and excited to tell me all about her morning. She was geared up to go back. Overall she had a great day. We will take it one day at a time, but I have a feeling things will be alright!

{Walking to School}

{Goodbye Hugs}

{Saying Hello to her Teacher}

{Giving her Teacher a Flower}

{Me and My Sweet Maddie}

{And She's Off...To Learn All Sorts of Things!}

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  1. Aww, was it hard for you?

    And your Maddie looks just like you!


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