Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday, Funday

A storm gusted through here today. It was a blustery, cold and rainy day. The perfect day to carve our Halloween pumpkins! The kiddos had lots of fun {and so did the grown-ups :) }. The pumpkins turned out great!

Elsa has been very fussy lately. She had an immunization on Thursday and she's also teething. Poor baby. Can you believe she's getting teeth at only 12 weeks old!?

Speaking of teeth. There's a new toothless wonder in town! Maddie's wiggler finally became wiggly enough today. She asked us to please help her get it out. I was allowed 3 attempts, but couldn't get it out (I totally did not have the heart to pull hard enough). Then Daddy stepped up and had it out in a flash. There was a bit of drama as a bit of blood made it's way out, but in the end there was one happy little girl!

Interestingly, that little tooth first made it's appearance exactly 5 years and a few days ago. Crazy to think how fast time goes!

The tooth fairy paid a visit last night and left a bit of money and a book. All in all it was a very exciting and fun Sunday!

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