Tuesday, November 1, 2011

{Happy} Spooky Halloween!

We had a great night! It was chilly, but the kiddos braved it out and we were out for an hour. Can you tell what movie we are dressed up from?

Yup, Peter Pan! Ken was Hook, I was Tiger Lily, Maddie a mermaid, and Isaac was the crocodile. Elsa was a baby cow...only because it was the only costume we had that fit her....hahaha. It was so much fun. Isaac would growl at everyone and Maddie was as sweet as ever. It was awesome to see Ken as Hook, he really went all out!

I love Halloween for the fun that comes from dressing up. I don't love Halloween when it comes to all the junky crap my kiddos get in their bags. I am disgusted by the ingredients in so many of the "candy"out there. It's not even real food...it's a little ball of chemicals, nicely wrapped and labelled as "delicious". Needless, to say, there was a lot of sorting and in the end the kiddos were left with a small share of candy we deemed to be "OK". Maddie had a few sad pouts as she watched her supply diminish, but she understands, and in the end all she's talking about is how much fun it was to go around dressed up and see all the spooky houses. Maybe one day in the future Halloween won't be about eating junky candy anymore. Gosh, I hope so.

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  1. Oh, my, your whole family is adorable! You're right about Ken going all out as Hook! And I've gotta say, the baby cow part made me laugh. :)


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