Saturday, November 26, 2011

{Almost} Lost

Tonight we went downtown to have supper and to the Annual Christmas Tree lighting. We went with our friends {the ones we went to Mexico with}. It was so much fun. Except that Isaac almost got lost in the huge crowd. I hate that feeling: when your stomach drops and your heart stops beating and your head is trying to solve the problem but all you can think is "OMG my kiddo is gone!" It happened in a split second. One moment he was here and the next he was not. I started calling his name, my friend did too and even the surrounding people started helping out. And then, he came running towards us with my friend's older son. Apparently he had been with Isaac the whole time, but none of us knew. Thank goodness for that 10 year old guardian angel! He had been paying attention when none of the adults had and made sure we didn't loose Isaac within the mass of people. And I have to do something about his snowsuit. One of the dads that was helping us out {which happened to be the Dad of one of the girls in Maddie's class}pointed out that he was camouflaged, which made it that much harder to see him in the crowd. So I need to sew on some reflective material or get him a bright hat...or something. I am so thankful tonight was a great night and that we came home happy and with all of our kiddos.

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