Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Peeking In

I love our new video monitor. I love peeking in to see what is going on. Before, with our sound-only monitor I had to guess what each noise was...was it the kind of whimper that means waking up is imminent and I should get up there super fast to stick the soother back in? Or the kind of deep sleep dream whimper?

I do wonder how we ever got by without it. But obviously we did and that's fine, but now that I have a little screen that displays what my kiddos are doing, it's fabulous. For example, I am down here, and Isaac and Elsa are up there napping. Well supposed to be napping. But I can see now. Isaac is as quiet as a snail snailing along...but he is not still. He is making a mess. He's opened his curtain, taken off his grobag and is now proceeding to take all the book from his bookshelf {which he can reach from his crib} and putting them in his crib. I wonder what else he's planning on doing? I better get up there before he decides he can fly and tries to attempt this. Oh and no word of a lie, just as I typed that I saw him start climbing out...and get stuck half way. So I had to run up before he went kerplunk and landed on his head.

Elsa is sleeping peacefully {on her belly I might add}'s a good thing I have a video monitor to make sure she doesn't, I don't's just reassuring to see her sleeping peacefully and know exactly when she wakes up {because she is my first baby to actually wake up happy and not cry immediately--sometimes she lays there happy for a long time and I wouldn't even know she was awake were it not for the video!}.

I just hope I'm the only one peeking in and unlike some of the sound-only monitors, no one else can pick up the video signal!

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