Thursday, December 1, 2011

When It's Calm...

Isaac is napping.
Elsa was napping, but is now here in my arms, but she's happy and getting sleepy again.
Maddie just came home from school but asked to go out for a walk with my mom.

There is no laundry to fold.
No meals to prepare (I cooked double portions yesterday to have supper for today).
And the little odd tasks here and there that I could do are not that important, so I won't do them.

So what do I do?

I already did my rounds {you know, blogs I like, facebook, etc, etc}.
I already had a snack.
I already did yoga today {went to Mom and Baby this morning}.

I don' feel like reading.

So maybe I will cuddle up with Elsa on the sofa and watch a movie.

Ah, that sounds nice.

Now lets hope this calm lasts more than five minutes!

And it didn't. Well it would have except I couldn't figure out how to access the file of the movie I decided to watch and then by the time I sorted it out, it was 5 minutes in and Isaac woke up. He did watch with me for a few minutes, but then got bored with all the talking and no action and asked to do something else.

Ah well. It was still a nice 5 minutes.

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