Sunday, January 1, 2012

And it's 2012!!!

It sounds so futuristic. 2012. Wow!

Wow for several reasons...

...this past year just flew by!
...this coming year is bringing with it A LOT of changes for our family...change is hard. It's scary sometimes.

But mostly we are very excited!

Stay tuned for all the details!

And now I want to wish all of you a very Happy New Year!

May 2012 be filled with many blessings, much happiness and may it be the year of many dreams coming true!

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  1. I'm right there with you. In fact, change is my chosen word for 2012 (1st time I ever do that). It just felt so right for so many reasons... now if I could just get my head out of my @ss and stop being such a worry wort maybe I could start on some of those changes!

    Looking forward to hearing about your changes, when you're ready ;)


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