Friday, January 6, 2012

It always comes down to sleep...

I've had a cough for over a month now. Then Isaac got it. And now Elsa has it too. It's awful. It breaks my heart to hear her little cough and hear her stuffed up little nose trying to breath.

She is not sleeping well. And neither am I.

Man oh man.

Poor kiddos. And poor me. I am way beyond tired. Way, way.

I know it will pass but it's sometimes hard to see beyond this deep trench I'm in.

In some good news Maddie is starting voice lessons tomorrow. I asked her what instrument she wanted to learn and she came up with the answer "singing lessons". I'm excited and I hope she enjoys the class and the process of learning.

I had also scheduled her for swimming lessons two hours after her voice lesson and today I realized it would be too much. So I talked with Maddie and I explained it all and she picked to do voice lessons and postpone the swimming until the spring. Good idea kiddo!

So I better get to bed and sleep while I can...for however long I can to prepare for our day tomorrow. If you see me around, I'll be one sleepy mama yawning and barely able to keep my eyes open, I'm sure. If you can, send some sleepy thoughts my way!

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  1. My little ones have a bad cough too! It is so sad. It sounds awful! I hope your littles get better soon!


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