Thursday, March 8, 2012

It finally happened!

Rewind a few months ago and we {as in Ken and I} were wondering if Isaac would ever want to use the potty. He was waking up dry from naps, staying dry for long periods during the day and sometimes he would even wake up in the morning totally dry! We encouraged him to sit on the potty. Nope. On and off within 2 seconds.  There are better things to do Mama! I knew that eventually he would, of his own volition, begin using the potty. But part of me was getting a bit antsy. And part of me was wondering if we were going to be that family with the 4 year old who still was using diapers! Plus, changing toddler diapers is often not fun and well, it would be nice if he was finally done with them! Then I read this article over at Natural Parents Network and it was like the breath of fresh air I needed. I relaxed and we stopped mentioning the potty to Isaac.

One day about a month ago he surprised all of us by sitting on the potty before bath and peeing. It was awesome. He was so happy and excited and from that day on he has been going more consistently. Last week we started using underwear and he has had very few accidents. Today, I was pretty out of commission and he was able to go to the bathroom and get up on the toilet all by himself all day...and he even put his undies and pants back on. He seems to have mastered the potty with pee, and hopefully poop isn't too far behind!

So, I have yet again been reminded that children do things on their own time, when they are ready and we are simply here to support them and guide them on their journey.

Wanna watch cute little Isaac on the Potty?


  1. Kat, I'm so glad that my article on NPN helped you let go and let Isaac "go" in his ow time :) I know the feeling. "It finally happened!" was the feeling we had over here at our house as well, when Abbey started using the potty! Much love - A.

    1. It certainly did help! It's funny how we all need reminders once in a while :-)I went back to look at the date of when I left a comment on your post, and it's crazy how much changed in such a short time! Yay! Thank You!


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