Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mamatography: Week 21

This past week we celebrated Maddie's 6th birthday!
Our gift to her was a case of art supplies: watercolours, paint, coloured pencils, pastels, crayons and pencils. She LOVES it!

The rest of the week was pretty much spent continuing to de-clutter the house and all our spaces in preparation for packing up for our big move. 

Trying out her new art kit.
She graciously gave Isaac permission to try it out too.
She's so sweet.

Celebrating on her actual birthday!

The girlies and my Mama
The girlies and my Grandma

Me and Elsa

Me and Maddie
I think she looks like me here...yes?
People always say she looks so much like her Dad, and she does, except for the odd time, like this one!

Isaac's new spidey boots.
He loves them!

Eating a strawberry at her birthday party

Birthday Party Cake!

Are you up for a challenge? One that will take something from you every day, but give a whole lot back too? How about joining me for the photography challenge in 2012 then? A photo a day of whatever your day involved. You can jump in any time through the year!
If you’d still like to join us, you can start at any time, just sign up here and our host will email you further information.
Without further ado, here is the current list of all participants for Mamatography 2012 so far!

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  1. Happy belated 6th Birthday Maddie! People say she looks like her dad? Wow, every pic you post I always think how much she looks like you Kat! Hope your move goes smoothly and I look forward to continuing to read your blog.



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