Friday, July 6, 2012

Emerald Giant

We have a beautiful poplar tree in our backyard. It is tall and has sturdy long branches.

It's the perfect climbing tree. No doubt about it.

Yesterday after the big kiddos woke up from their nap we went out to play in the backyard. I glanced over at the tree and got an intense impulse to climb high. So I got up and climbed it. Not too high, but just enough to satiate the climbing impulse.

Of course the kiddos wanted to as well.

Maddie is not new to tree climbing so I felt comfortable letting her go up. She set her own boundary and didn't climb too high. When she started to get down, she got "stuck" a couple of times, so I coached her to relax and to where she might put her feet and hands in order to get down safely.

Well, the little monkey got hooked and kept going up and down...until she was all worn out!

Isaac wanted in on the climbing action too. So I lifted him up on the first branch and he settled himself on a little nook where he could sit down, kind of like a rocking horse. He exclaimed, "Look at me!!! I can let go and just hold on with my legs!"

It's funny how with Maddie I have no fear in seeing her climb and climb. But with the little man, my heart kept leaping out! I was nervous. But he did really well. He didn't get all wild or try to do anything dangerous.

We decided to name the tree Emerald Giant.

I think Emerald Giant has now received more hugs and kisses from humans than ever before!

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