Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Princess And A Frog

Summer is in full swing!
We're 90% unpacked and letting loose to enjoy the hot weather!
Ken and the big kiddos went exploring in our backyard the other afternoon and this is what they found near the brook that runs beside our house...

Apparently the little froggy prince was easy to catch, he must have been smitten by the little princess's beauty!

In a funny twist of fate, leading up to the move, Maddie had a few moments of feeling sad and unsure and a bit fearful of what was to come. In an effort to calm her down, I would tell her that yes, she would be leaving behind a lot of familiar things, but then I would ask her to think about and list all the good things that were to come. She would ask me to list some as well...and one day I said there would be a lot of places to explore and that she might find butterflies, squirrels and frogs right in our backyard! I have to admit I wasn't sure about the frog part, but I hoped and prayed it would be the case.

And I'm glad it was! And not just little itty bitty frogs, but these awesome plump ones that are incredibly satisfying to hold!

The tadpoles are HUGE, I will have to get a pic soon so your jaw can drop too when you see them!

And yes, froggie was released back to his home...actually, right to the same exact spot where they found him, because Maddie insisted so. That's my girlie, always looking out for others!

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