Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I am so excited...and I'll tell you why :-) I just got a call from school saying that my scholarship has been increased!!! I am in shock because I was just getting used to the idea of having my tuition covered, and now I will be getting a monthly paycheck!!! I am so happy I made the decision to go to school. I now realize I had to go through that time where I had to really think about the choice between work and school (two completely different options that would have led me down very different roads) because now I know for certain I made the right choice. Life amazes me so much...It's like just when you make up your mind; when you hold true to yourself; when you no longer are clouded by the doubts, anxieties and negative thinking that fear provokes...when you finally do that, all that is good and wondeful happens! Yeah, yeah...I am getting all existencial or whatever...but it's true...when you allow that door to open you get flooded with wonderfulness.

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  1. Hey Kat! I am so happy to read your blog! And congratulations for the scolarship! What wonderful news!!


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