Wednesday, September 7, 2005

craziest concert ever!!!

On the weekend we went to the Rolling Stones concert in Moncton...and it was INSANE! So our weekend started when on Friday night we went to a pubcrawl with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year med students. We only stayed out for a little while because we planned to leave for Moncton. So around 1:30am me and Ken and 2 other friends took off for Moncton. The first crazy thing that happened to us was that we ran over a deer on the highway! It was already dead, probably a truck hit it as there was no damaged car around. I felt so bad for it. Then along the way we saw more little critters on the road, fortunately we didn't run over any of them. We stayed at a friend's house in Riverview and slept only like 4 hours. The next day we had some drinks, food and then headed for the concert. We had to take buses to get there as there were around 90,000 people all packed onto Magnetic Hill...Needless to say, there were loooong lineups for everything, the port-a-potties were NASTY...But the show was AWESOME!!! We got to hear Maroon 5, Tragically Hip and of course the Stones! Who by the way are the most flexible and spry old men I have ever seen. The put on the best performance I have ever seen! We survived off hot dogs and pop and water. Once the show was over all hell broke loose as 90, 000 people tried to leave the hill. I have never seen so many people walking in one direction! We ended up having to wait FOREVER for the buses and let me tell you getting on that bus was scary because people from all around us were pushing and pushing...But overall I was surprised at people's patience. Finally back at the house we slept and then left for home the next morning. I am so happy I got to experience that...I will never forget any of it.

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