Tuesday, January 31, 2006

What will baby be?

We have made a decision about finding out the baby's gender: We Want To Know!!!! Whether or not we wait until the birth will not in any way affect how much we love and want this baby...we are thrilled whether it's a girl or a boy...we just want to hold our little one and love it to pieces! Also, for me it has to do with the bonding between the baby and I. I want to be able to imagine it totally and completely and call it by his or her name. So, on Thursday we are going to have an u/s and hopefully the baby will show us what it's made of!!! So, me and Ken have a little poll going...he says it's a girl...I 'think' it's a boy. Two nights ago before I fell asleep I said "Baby, please tell mommy in her dreams if you are a girl or a boy." So all night i dreamnt about girl and boy babies, with absolutely no clear indication of one or the other!!! I have had two dreams before where I give birth to our little one and in both it has been a boy. So I will say boy. And even though I know that this is not 100% accurate, the Chinese gender chart also says I will be having a boy. Hmmmm...I wonder...

What will it be?

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Can't wait to find out!!! Whatever it is we will be over-the-moon with happiness!!!

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