Friday, February 3, 2006

Spicy chili for the pregnant lady???

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Well, what a night I had!!! I am lucky to even be here. Literarlly. So we went out to dinner with friends...Thai food. I love Thai food. We ordered all our favorites and it was utterly delicious. Thoroughout the whole meal we all kept wondering about these red slices of what appeared to be red pepper. But knowing that Thai food specializes it spice, we all kind of avoided them. Well, at the end of the meal when everyone was pretty much done eating I decided for some ridiculous reason that I would investigate the red pepper matter. I forked one, put it in my mouth and chewed. In an instant I knew it was not a red pepper, but rather I very spicy (oh my so spicy) chili!!! I instinctively did not swallow, and spit it out in a napkin. But it was too late. For some reason my entire airway decided that it would also try to reject the chili...and bam!!! My throat closed. It was the most horrible feeling I have ever experienced. I could not breathe!!!! I was making an awful choking sound, and all our friends were freaking out asking me if I was choking. It felt like forever (although Ken says it was only like 30 seconds) until my throat started to calm down and let some air in. I managed to swallow some cold, refresing water, well it was more like 5 huge glasses in the span of 4 minutes. So this led me to feel super full, I had to run to the bathroom and puke all the water out. It took a good long while for my mouth to feel normal again. My lips and tongue were swollen, and my throat felt burnt. Wow! What is in those deadly little things!!!? make a long story short, I am ok. Baby is ok and I am never eating another chili for a loooooong time.

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