Friday, February 10, 2006

The verdict is in!!!

Finally, we had our long awaited ultrasound yesterday! It was so amazing to see our little one again. And of course, when the doctor asked "Are you interested in knowing the sex?" We were both eager to know!!! She let Ken have a look to see if he could tell and right away he said:

Well, I see no boy parts, so I say Image hosting by Photobucket

The doctor agreed, she said she would be very surprised if it turned out to be a boy. The good thing was that the baby had her legs open, so there really was nowhere for anything to be 'hiding', which made the doctor and Ken pretty sure it's a girl. Yay!!! We are so happy! Of course we had no preference, all we want is our little one to be healthy! The doctor also checked for any abnormalities, which thankfully there were none and was also able to calculate the weight to be 7oz which is right on track for the baby's age. I still feel so overwhelmed with happiness when I think about what a miracle this truly is!!! We are so happy and grateful! And it is really nice to know what the baby is. I can now picture the baby as a 'she', it makes me feel like I know our little one a little bit more.

Here is a 3D pic of her from yesterday at 18 weeks
Image hosting by Photobucket

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  1. Hey Kat (and Ken and baby!!!)

    I am soooooo insanely happy for you guys! I can't wait to get back to NS to see you guys and congratulate you in the proper way! This is everything I could ever wish for you and sounds like all is going really well. I love the blog to keep me posted on the details- put some pregnant Kat pics up! I want to see your cute little belly!

    Take care of yourselves and hope to see you soon (Montreal has great baby shopping and Ikea ;-)

    Love always~ Crys


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