Tuesday, April 28, 2009

30 weeks!

What a great feeling and an amazing blessing it is to have reached this milestone! I had a prenatal appointment yesterday with my OB. I was to inform her that I would be continuing on for the rest of the pregnancy with my midwife. I didn't know how she would react. Well, when I got there, the admitting clerks had already transferred my chart to midwife care, so even before I could say anything, they all knew I was planning to see a midwife! It was kind of funny. First, a nurse came in and she was a bit patronizing. She said, "Dr. B thinks you're too high risk to see a midwife! But you two can have that conversation." Then she went on to do the usual checks. When she looked in my chart to see how much weight I'd gained, she looked surprised, "You do realize you've had quite a bit of gain since your last appointment. About 6 1/2 lbs. Are you concerned?" I responded, "Ummm...No. Isn't that normal since I haven't really gained that much in the first 2 trimesters? Plus, I'm glad, I want my baby to be plump!" After having a barely 4 lb baby the first time around (granted she was a preemie), I'm happy Isaac's on the bigger side, so if he does end up premature he'll be bigger! Well, the other stuff was fine too. Blood pressure was good and Isaac's HB was good (153 bpm). When she measured my fundal height she was again surprised cause she got 32cm..."Hmmmm you're measuring a bit bigger." So she measured again and got 31cm...I had to pee, so who knows maybe it affected the measurement because when I got hubby to do it at home it was just a wee bit over 30cm. Anyways, regardless, it's probably safe to say that Isaac is growing well! Thank God! Next, after waiting for almost an hour Dr. B finally came in and we immediately jumped into the midwife discussion. I was prepared and after telling her my reasons she agreed it was fine, as long as she could continue to monitor me until 34-36 weeks to make sure I got past the risk of another preterm birth. In reality, all I want is to just have a more relaxed, me-directed labour and delivery...I know things can change under the circumstances, but if I do get to term and there are no signs of potential problems, then I'd really like to aim for a more natural, low-key labour and delivery. Maddie's L&D was pretty stressful and I felt a bit ignored. For example, I wanted to walk around and move during my contractions, but I was told not to. I wanted to not lay down, but I was told to...Granted I was under special circumstances, but still looking back it was hard to "ignore" what my body wanted to do. In any case, this time I have an opportunity to experience this glorious event again and I'd like it to be more my style! So, I am meeting with K (midwife) tomorrow and we'll chat more about this 'shared care' thing. But, I have to say, that all I care about is that this little sweet baby be healthy and strong and happy, and whatever I have to do to accomplish that is what I will do. I am so blessed, and I plan to just go with the flow and let my baby and body guide me through the next steps...

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