Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Midwife appointment

I had lovely appointment with KC and KR (two of the midwives at the practice). They were very supportive and both agreed that I didn't really need to see Dr. B anymore. They said as long as everything was progressing normally, there was no reason for me to not be followed only by them. Also, I am having my last cervical length check U/S on Friday, so if that's good, then it will be even more reassurance. So they checked my BP, baby's heart rate and fundal height again. And again, I was measuring ahead! My belly is pretty big now. I haven't taken a pic yet!!! But I will! Anyways, when I told them about the 6ish lbs weight gain KC's response was, "Hooray!!! What a good little baby you have in there!" This small little detail really reminded me of the difference between midwifery care and standard care. KC also checked to see what position he's in and in about 3 seconds she was able to tell he's nicely head down. Well, I was very pleased with the appt and will be seeing them weekly from now on to make sure Ms. Cervix is continuing to behave nicely!

In other news, move day is approaching quickly! We have a few more boxes packed, but the major stuff will get done on the weekend.

Maddie is doing great. She is always surprising me with cute things she says. A few days ago she asked me to tell her the story of how she was born, so I did, and now it's her fav thing to hear! She's even learned it by heart and when she asks Ken to tell her and he says things differently, she corrects him! Too cute.

For now that's it. I'm off to clean up. I'll update after my U/S on Friday!

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