Saturday, May 2, 2009

Say what!?

I guess we now know where those 6lbs of weight gain went!!! Isaac is big!!! Well, I should start at the beginning. So, I had my U/S yesterday. It was supposed to be with Dr. M, but she must have switched and it was another doc, Dr. V. He is also really nice, so I didn't mind. First, he did the cervical check and all is really well! Ms. C was measuring at 4.1cm! Good job Ms!!! Next, he said he wanted to do some measurements on Isaac. Well, when he measured his head, he said, "My, this little baby has a big head! He's a good size." Ken's response was, "It runs in the family." Haha...thanks hon for passing on your "big head" genes! He also confirmed again that yes, we are having a boy! When he completed the rest of the measurements he said, "Well he's a good size for sure. Unbelievable since you're so tiny!" At this point I started to wonder...I said, "Well, Maddie was always in the 20ish percentile, and he's been in the 50th-60th percentile, so I'm not surprised." Dr. V responded with a very enthusiastic, "Oh Kat, he's really jumped in the percentiles!" I thought to myself, "What!? How much!" And boy is it a jump! He is now in the 87th percentile, weighing in at 4lbs 3oz, making me measure about 32 1/2 weeks! WHAT!? At this point (31w) he weighs more than Maddie did at birth (32w6d)! Dr. V said on average whatever they weigh around 30-31 weeks they usually double if they go to 39-40 technically I could potentially deliver a chunky monkey baby!!! Ken jokingly said, "Good luck with that!" Haha! Wow! I guess we really do know where all that weight is going. I am so happy though...I thank God every day for this amazing blessing and that he continues to grow and grow nicely :-) We'll see what KC says on Friday when I see her again. One of the U/S nurses suggested maybe doing another growth check in a few weeks...but for now, no more U/S cervical checks!

OK, better get back to the packing, we mean business now and it's getting close to being done!


  1. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that the little man has grown so much! What a wonderful sign! I hope your move goes well and you are all settled in in time for his arrival. Already a little trouble maker. Sounds like he might be takin after daddy already eh? LOL!! :) Now you will have a mini you and a mini him! You truly are blessed!

  2. I've had a huge baby (9 lbs 12 os) with a big head and it still was an amazing, amazing delivery. So quick, so natural, son intense, so beautiful. I hope you get to live that too.

    I'm really happy everything is going well for you guys.


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