Monday, April 20, 2009

Recent going-on's

I can't believe how fast April is flying by! Today I finally called all the utilities to arrange for our move. We have booked our painter to come and paint the new place and all that's left to do is pack! Easy, right!? YIKES! I had a mini-meltdown, well a meltdown really, the other day. I became overwhelmed and combined with the lovely pregnancy hormonal cocktail, I crashed! It was not good. My poor hubby. But he's wonderfully understanding. We made a plan, and I realized we'll be OK, the packing will get done and all will go smoothly. Another reason I was feeling so stressed, is the fact that I am nearing the possible "danger zone", so I was/am worried that I could still go into preterm labour....but that fear was also addressed with a nice hubby chat, and I feel better. I really do feel good, and I have a good feeling little Isaac will not be in a hurry to make an appearance. He likes being in mommy's cozy nest :-)

In other news, I think my belly grew significantly overnight from Sat-Sun. I slept terribly and my belly was unbelievably itchy! I will post a pic soon. I had a feeling I would have a growth spurt by 29 weeks, so we'll see what the pic comparison shows!

Maddie is her usual adorable, amazing little self. Today she told me my belly was too big and that she was falling off the chair I was holding her in. She wasn't actually falling, but she definitely feels the shortening space between me and the floor! She is becoming more and more excited to meet her baby brother. The other day she said she was sad. When I asked why, she said it was because she wanted baby Isaac to come out now! I told her he was still too small, and she said OK, I can wait. It melted my heart!

I also started knitting each of the kiddos a blanket. It is a little slow going, my rookie-ness is slowing me down! I think I will run out of time! I have been working on Maddie's so far, but I am going to start Isaac's too and have two on the go! It might not make much sense, but I think if I see both at least started it'll make me feel better. Plus, when my mom comes over she's always tempted to work on it, so it can't hurt to get a little wee bit of help!

Well I feel the post-dinner heartburn coming on, better go and take the good ol' Zantac before it gets bad!

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