Friday, September 18, 2009

Vaccinations and check-up

Isaac got his 2 month vaccinations today. I was so nervous, I remember feeling like this with Maddie too. I always worry about an adverse reaction. But after doing a lot of reading we decided getting the protection far outweighs the minuscule chance of a reaction. As I am typing, little Isaac is still napping away. He did pretty well, he cried during the injection, but calmed down right after. I nursed him during the whole thing so I think that really helped.

And, guess how much he weighs now!? 13lbs 4oz!!!! I couldn't believe it. 2 1/2 weeks ago he weighed 11lbs! He is growing so fast, he is now in 3-6 months clothes!

Overall, he is doing well. The last couple of days have been a bit hellish....he hasn't napped well and cried pretty much the whole time he was awake. It's been driving me a bit bananas!!! Today doc said to put him back on the Zantac for reflux. I had stopped giving it to him because he seemed to be doing better. But today I told the doc, "Isaac is gassy, restless, wakes up super stuffed up...what could this be...?" He looked at me like, "Duh...reflux!" Hahaha! Yeah, well there you go. So we will try it for another week and see if it helps. I am so keeping my fingers crossed it does, because although he doesn't sleep terribly, I could use even just one longer stretch of sleep!

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